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At Agra Risk Solutions Inc., we focus our efforts on ensuring that you, our client, are receiving the best prices for your commodities and attaining the best cost of production within your enterprises.

We offer consulting for operations, procurement, marketing, and price and risk management from the start of production to the final marketing. We use innovative, industry-leading technology, real-time best in class market information through our affiliate relationships, and decades of successful industry experience to provide you with the advice and education needed to grow and protect your valuable operation. 


We provide operational, marketing and risk management advice at the primary production level from birth to processing. We are industry experts in cow/calf, backgrounding and finishing operations, and continually seek ways to maximize profits for our clients in all of these areas.

We also provide consulting advice for those wanting to investment in the industry, rather than involvement in the physical production of livestock.


Let us consult with you about your grain production business, find ways to streamline and benchmark your business, and develop seeding and marketing plans that ensure you get the maximum profitability for your farm. We also provide hedging and contracting options for your grain operations to maximize returns and minimize risk and negative price movements.

We are also networked to provide proprietary export, basis negotiation and marketing opportunities for our clients.


Whether you are in the agriculture business or simply looking for assistance with foreign exchange, we consult on strategies to maximize return and minimize risk on currency conversion.

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