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Agra Risk Solutions Inc. focuses our services on ensuring you are receiving optimal returns and premium pricing on your grain investments, while fully protected from volatile grain price movements. Our goal is to streamline your production costs, optimize your price and basis on your grain sales, and offer price protection advice from start to finish so you can be sure your profits are locked in.

Whether you are an investor in grain or a producer, we will assist you as a client in the following areas:


Agra Risk Solutions is a licensed broker with the  Alberta Barley Commission and Alberta Wheat Commission and is active in grain purchasing. Call the office today for a current grain price. 

Hedging and risk management 

We create and implement personalized hedging and risk management plans for your operations needs to lock in margins and gives you peace of mind that your grain investment is secure.


We have access to grain marketing opportunities in both the United States and Canada, as well as consulting access to import and export opportunities throughout the world.

Give us a call to set up a preliminary no-obligation meeting to discuss our consulting services or to receive a grain quote.


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