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In addition to operational, marketing and risk management consulting on your livestock production operations, we offer a multitude of services within the livestock space. Whether you are in the production or processing business, or seeking fully managed investment opportunities, we are able to provide the following services:

Order Buying

We have a full network of order buyers implementing strategic and formulated buys on all of our own or client’s cattle. Give us a call for your order buying needs. Our network currently extends to auctions across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California.

We also provide consulting advice for those who are interested in investment in this area.

Livestock Hauling

We have a fleet of livestock hauling units available for contract. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

Fully Managed Cattle Feeding

Whether you are a cattle producer or a potential investor in cattle feeding, we offer complete cattle feeding services through our network of backgrounding and finishing lots across Western Canada and the United States.

We implement a variety of risk management tools including calculated buying techniques, cost of gain contracts and forward price contracts in order to minimize price risk and secure margins.

Hedging & Risk Management

As our clients, we will develop the best hedging and risk management plan for your needs that locks in margins and gives you peace of mind that your livestock investment is secure.

International Feeding Opportunities

Thinking of feeding cattle in the US? We are active feeding cattle in both Canada and the United States and can offer diversified investment opportunities.

Contract Marketing

We assist our clients with negotiating sales contracts with feedlots, packers or for private sales.


Give us a call to set up a preliminary no obligation meeting to discuss our consulting services.


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